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  • What if you already have an “In-House” system that your people are using?

    Off-the-shelf system software comes with a finite number of prewritten reports. You must “make do” with what is provided. If you want something else you must have a programmer write it. If that programmer is in a distant city, the overhead involved increases proportionately, and this assumes that programmer understands exactly what it is you want. If not, there may be several iterations.


    4/Tell can read and absorb all of your data. It can rearrange, sort, filter, summarize, plot on a graph, print, and drive other programs like Excel, Word, Access, dashboards, etc.


    If you wish to see your data in new ways, you DON’T need a programmer. You can do it yourself quickly and easily and build just the report you desire with 4/Tell. If you have an idea that involves your database, you can extract the information easily, without having to incur indirect costs with programming staff.


    You can perform “what if’s” and other simulations with live or staged data and instantly see or have plotted changes in outcome.


    And, if you’re a Progress Openedge Programmer, 4/Tell is a RAD TOOL FORCE MULTIPLIER. Things that were tedious about coding disappear. It’s a whole lot easier exercise, and you are finished with tasks orders of magnitude faster than by manually coding. The magic is that you are free to incorporate actual Openedge 4/gl code inside the 4/Tell App you are building.

    There is no limit to what you can accomplish.



    AADS - brief overview

  • Assessor Administration Data System


    AADS provides all programming necessary to produce a TAX ROLL and more. We provide an EXACT-FIT SOLUTION to all of your internal procedures.


    We start with our basic package. Since One-size rarely fits all, we introduce each of your employees to the system and determine what each user needs to complete his/her workflow. We design a data/base to address these issues. You are left with a system expressly designed around the way YOU do business, without the rough edges of the competitions’ off-the-shelf packages.


    After your computer system is in place, we continue to support you via the internet. We are available to you to perform changes to your system as needed. You NEVER have to wait on us.

    All data entered into the system bears a timestamp of user name, date, time, what the data was before the change, what it was changed to, computer used, and batch and Taxpayer identification.


    The 4/TELL QUERY AND REPORTING SYSTEM makes this and all other data available to any valid user in the system with the proper security credentials, instantly. It’s worth mentioning that we feature ONE-TIME-DATA-ENTRY.


    You never enter any data to the system more than ONCE.


    Permissions are granted by USER or arbitrary GROUP assuring system SECURITY. User only sees what you want him/her to see.


    Internal MESSAGE (IMAIL) system lets users communicate and exchange documents and otherwise work together easily. It’s faster than a telephone.


    As changes are made to each TAXPAYER, we recalculate their taxes so all Taxpayers are always Current. When area-wide events occur like millage changes, the affected Taxpayers are recalculated as a group.


    We strive to make the system simple to use and intuitive. All components have the same look and feel.



    • Complete RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass-Appraisal) systems whose developed assessments can be automatically transferred to the TAX ROLL. Comprehensive RATIO STUDIES can be performed on any SUBDIVISION or TAX DISTRICT at any time.
    • Complete ASSESSMENT REVIEW SYSTEM is provided, enabling users to track taxpayer requests for reviews from entry through completion.
    • The Perpetual HISTORY system makes all data from all tax years available on-line for query. History remains available for as many years as you deem appropriate.
    • Automatic END OF YEAR system produces all reports for Municipalities and the State, then rolls over the current tax year into history and allows the NEW YEAR to begin immediately.
    • Memo system lets you add detailed English language narratives to any taxpayer about any topic, and remain connected to the Taxpayer for the life of the listing.




    Assessor Administration Data System

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  • Custom Programming & System Design



    The AADS system highlighted above is an APPLICATION we developed at the direction of a User. We have developed dozens of different applications for diverse industries like Beer and Soft Drink Bottling And Distribution, Drug Repackaging and Sales, Third Party Insurance Administration, Tobacco and Candy Wholesaling , and Condominium Property Management to name a few.


    We listen to you detail how your business works. And, like the AADS system, we meet with each of your employees to hear what they do. We will suggest checks and balances to include in the software at your direction.

    • Increase     Efficiency
    • Increase Productivity
    • Reduce              Errors

    Meanwhile, we are programming the computer to address each feature of what makes your business unique. Since we are working closely with your people, they will see and use each new feature of the system as it comes on-line, incrementally. We utilize their feedback in this iterative process to further refine the system.


    The resulting software system will “know” how your business functions and have all the safeguards built in to ensure that over time, through personnel changes, the system will continue to pay attention to your business plan, and guard against all irregularities.


    The long term benefit of a custom system is that it keeps pace with your business as it grows and changes. When you alter your business model, we can revise the software, ensuring that the computer stays current.


    The one entity in your office that sees every document, knows every customer, employee, sale, and inventory item, manages your receivables, and keeps your books, will always administer your business as you expect and warn you if and when anyone attempts to override your rules.


    We can do anything you can describe.

    2 Case Studies


    You are selling soft drinks, beer, ice cream or something else from a fleet of trucks that service each of your customers. The method is “driver-sell” or “pre-sell” or a combination. Your operators call each PRE-SELL customer on each route a day in advance to take their order. If DRIVER-SELL, each truck is assigned an arbitrary combination of your line items, perhaps keyed to typical sales on that route for that day.


    Trucks are loaded per LOAD SHEETS and the driver leaves the facility. As he services each account, he records each sale, either with a hand-written invoice or with a Point-Of-Sale (POS) Computer. He may retrieve empty bottles.

    When he returns to the plant in the afternoon, his hand-held is uploaded to the central computer or an operator keys in each of his delivery invoices. Someone counts any returning unsold items and empty bottles.


    If a PRE-SELL customer’s order was delivered without change, the operator does nothing, otherwise he/she notes any changes to the system.

    The computer immediately produces an OUT-IN-ACCOUNTABILITY report for the driver, providing all information the driver needs to reconcile any “over/shorts” for the route. It also accumulates the driver’s commission account in the payroll system, forms an over/short record for any driver outage, posts any open invoices to Receivables, and stores buying patterns of each customer.



    You are wholesaling candy, cigarettes, live tropical fish, seafood or something else. You are maintaining an inventory. You have vendors and other suppliers.

    Order Entry lets you select a customer and enter to-be-purchased goods. After a batch of orders is entered, the computer prints a PICKING LIST, which your people use to walk through the warehouse and assemble a group of line items in bulk which will fill those orders. Items are brought to a STAGING AREA where each order is filled according to a PACKING SLIP. The INVOICE is included with the items and then it is shipped or hand-carried by a salesman to the customer. The computer tracks inventory and customer activity, maintains Receivables and commissions which are routed to the Payroll system.

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